Discover Your K-Pop Persona With Spotify’s New Interactive Experience

In the last decade, as K-Pop cemented its status as a global phenomenon, Spotify has helped fans around the world keep their fingers on the pulse at every step of the way.

To date, our flagship playlist K-Pop ON! (온) has amassed nearly 5.4 million saves by Spotify users. Listeners can also merge their music tastes with some of K-Pop’s biggest stars through our Blend feature. In recent years, we’ve teamed up with groups like NewJeans, BTS, and BLACKPINK to create unique installations, pop-ups, and interactive experiences, all to bring K-Pop devotees closer to the artists and music they love.

And the love just keeps on growing. Since 2018, K-Pop streams on Spotify have skyrocketed by over 180% in the United States, over 420% in Southeast Asia, and over 360% worldwide.

Now, to celebrate K-Pop fans and their passion for the genre, Spotify is launching a new interactive experience, Your K-Pop Persona. Available until May 10, this in-app experience lets you discover and embrace what your ideal fan role would be in a K-Pop group and flex your results.

When you enter the experience, you’ll be asked five questions about the way you stan to help determine what your role might be in a K-Pop group. Inspired by the roles usually assigned to group members, you could be a Main Visual, a Main Vocal, a Main Rapper, a Main Dancer, or a Trainee.

Ready to unlock Your K-Pop Persona?

Whether you’re a long-time stan or are just dipping a toe into the world of K-Pop, all fans* are welcome to experience Your K-Pop Persona, even non-Spotify users. Here’s how:

    1. Head over to on your mobile device.
    2. Answer five questions about how you stan to receive your Main Role in the K-Pop fandom.
    3. If you’re a Spotify user, you’ll also unlock a bonus Fan Role based on your K-Pop listening habits.
    4. Like what you learned? You’ll receive a digital photocard with your results, which you can customize before sharing and comparing on social media.

To amp up the fun even more, Spotify has teamed up with some of the hottest names in K-Pop to launch our experience. Make sure you’re following @SpotifyKpop on X to compare your results with the likes of Cha Eun-Woo, TOMORROW X TOGETHER, SEVENTEEN, BOYNEXTDOOR, and THE BOYZ.

Stream K-Pop ON! (온) to hear the best the genre has to offer, from its biggest stars to emerging artists.

*Your K-Pop Persona is available in 31 markets: Indonesia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Australia, Bangladesh, Canada, Egypt, India, Iraq, Malaysia, Morocco, New Zealand, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, United Kingdom, the Philippines, the United States, Japan, Korea, Poland, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, Thailand, Turkey, and Vietnam; and in the following languages: Bahasa Indonesia, Chinese-HK, Chinese-TW, English, French, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Thai, Turkish, and Vietnamese.