Spotify’s Song Psychic Is Ready To Answer Your Burning Questions

Life’s full of little mysteries, and sometimes the most fun way to tackle them is with a bit of cosmic guidance. Spotify is ready to take you on a journey of enlightenment with Song Psychic, a new, mystical music experience.

You’ll have the chance to choose from a selection of pre-populated questions relating to nine topics, ranging from My Future to Life’s Greatest Mysteries. Spotify’s Song Psychic will select the perfect song to answer your question.

Here’s how it works:

  • Visit on your mobile device.
  • Choose your topic: School, Style, Lunch, Love, Career, Myself, My Future, Friends & Family, and Life’s Greatest Mysteries or let Song Psychic read your mind and pick a topic.
  • Ask your question. You can pick from a variety of pre-populated questions like “Should I go on this date?”, “Should I book a vacation?”, or even “What should I have for lunch?”
  • Await your future. After selecting a question, a contemplation screen is shown while Song Psychic finds the perfect song to answer your question.
  • Listen and share. When the answer appears, you can listen to the song on Spotify, ask another question, and share your results on social media.

Rapper and singer-songwriter Baby Tate got a sneak preview of the feature. “I love when my favorite apps launch new interactive programs, especially ones that let me ask silly questions like “Should I go to clown school?” Baby Tate shared.  “It gave me an amazing answer: my song ‘Yasss Queen.’ It’s so chaotic but SO good. I can’t wait to ask Song Psychic more silly questions and see what songs I’m recommended!”

Cosmic songs

A look at the data tells us that listeners aren’t only turning to the stars for advice—they’re also turning to music. In fact, Spotify listeners have created nearly 250,000 psychic-related playlists globally on Spotify. If you’re needing some cosmic inspo, some of the most popular songs added to those playlists include:

Manifest your future with our new Song Psychic experience, and if you need a little more help along the way, just know music is always there to guide you.