How Well Do You Know the Star-Studded Cast of ‘Batman Unburied’?

Welcome to your Batman Unburied

1. You know her as the titular character in satirical telenovela Jane the Virgin and for her recurring role in Netflix’s Big Mouth. Who will be voicing Barbara Gordon, the daughter of Gotham PD’s star detective, Jim Gordon?
2. Breakout Winston Duke first made headlines as the antagonist in Black Panther. Now, he’s tapping back into the world of comics to play which iconic character? 
3. You know this actor and writer from his hit series Patriot Act and comedy special Homecoming King. Who will be facing off against our hero this season as the Riddler?
4. This actor is a familiar name amongst Harry Potter fans. But this time, he’ll be exchanging his long, dark robes for a valet suit. Who is playing Bruce Wayne’s loyal butler, Alfred?
5. Bruce Wayne’s parents were killed when he was just a child, but in Batman Unburied, we’ll hear the voices of his late mother and father, played by Lance Reddick and Toks Olagundoye. What are their characters’ names?
6. Batman Unburied isn’t Sam Witwer’s first DC Entertainment venture. He will be playing the season’s villain, The Harvester, in the upcoming podcast, but before that, he was known for his role as villain Ben Lockwood in this CW super series: