Artist Mano Brown Squares Up With Brazil’s Biggest Personalities on Spotify Original Podcast “Mano a Mano”

This month, some of Brazil’s biggest names and most controversial figures are going “mano a mano” with artist Mano Brown on the new Spotify Original podcast Mano a Mano. Mano Brown, aka Pedro Paulo Soares Pereira, is known across Brazil for his role as rapper, composer, and founding member of Racionais MC’s, a rap and hip-hop group that burst onto the scene in the late 1980s. His music is known for highlighting daily life in the outskirts of São Paulo, where he grew up.

He’s also famously a man of few words—until now. Starting August 26, listeners will see a new side of Mano as he interviews major figures from sports, politics, music, and religion in Brazil. Guests on the show will share their never-before-heard stories in weekly thought-provoking conversations. Interviewees this season include artist Karol Conká, who kicks off the first episode, as well as doctor and educator Drauzio Varella, actor Pastor Henrique Vieira, football manager Vanderlei Luxemburgo, and groundbreaking politician Fernando Holiday

“The idea of ​​the podcast is to bring up different ideas and thoughts through conversations with diverse, controversial guests who you’ll love or hate, it’s up to you,” Mano shared. “Mano a Mano is a continuation of what happens in my daily life. I’m not just surrounded by like-minded people; we talk and debate. In the podcast, I don’t want to create a confrontation of ideas, but open a possibility of dialogue.”

He also explained that the show is meant to reach, entertain, and inform Afro-Brazilian listeners, who are not always the primary audience for mainstream media in particular. Like his music, the podcast is meant to broaden the cultural conversation. He credits help from his production team of fellow Black Brazilians, including journalist Semayat Oliveira, for overcoming the challenges of the interview format and incorporating diverse perspectives.

“I’m having to learn communication, journalism,” Mano reflected. “It sounds simple when you’re watching television, but conducting interviews is delicate, as is tying things together and keeping the conversation relevant without losing the spice. If anyone is learning from this experience, it’s me. But I’m well advised by a Black team.”

Ready to debate, learn, and listen with Mano? Mark your calendar for the show’s debut on August 26, with new weekly episodes continuing to drop each Thursday. Until then, check out the Mano a Mano trailer: