Spotify and Parcast Are Reading the Stars to Bring You ‘Horoscope Today’

Every morning it’s the same routine: Get up, start the coffee, connect Spotify to your Bluetooth speakers for that daily dose of news. Or maybe, if you really need a wake-up call, you listen to a segment from the daily Today in True Crime. But what you’re missing is a little bit of direction—something that’s more personalized to you. Something to help guide your day. Something like your horoscope.

Luckily, the stars have aligned, and the latest daily podcast coming to Spotify is just that: Horoscope Today.

Horoscope Today is a new daily podcast from Spotify and Parcast that gives you a personal forecast for your life, every day. Whether you need guidance on which route to take, whether to ask for a raise or raise hell, or just to put the small stuff in perspective, Horoscope Today is here to guide you.

Horoscope Today offers horoscopes for each of the 12 signs per day, 365 days a year. From relationship drama to career queries and everything in between, people have always used the stars as a guide. And while we know horoscopes can’t give us all the answers, we also know that they can give us something perhaps more comforting: permission to follow our own instincts.

Starting today, get the daily reliability of a horoscope and the personal guidance of astrology, all in the familiar simplicity of a Spotify podcast.