Celebrate Father’s Day with the Dada—Er, Data—Proven Perfect Playlist

Some songs have special ways of connecting you with a loved one, and there’s nothing like the musical bond you share with your dad. Whether it’s music from the CD that was always playing in your parents’ car or the song from a father-daughter dance, certain tracks will always make you think of him.

Despite that old assumption that kids and parents can’t stand each other’s music, the music you grow up with can have a huge influence on your musical tastes later in life. Singer, actress, and social influencer Inanna Sarkis finds that the music she listened to when she was younger had a lot to do with her father Mirza’s favorite artist, Shaggy.

“Our music taste is actually pretty similar,” says Sarkis. “Growing up, the music I listened to was largely inspired by my dad, Jamaican and Latin flavor, with a lot of uplifting, fast rhythms. Hearing stories from my Dad in Syria and how powerful music has been in his life inspired me to use my voice to bring change and put out my first song, “No Beauty in War.” It has the same uplifting vibe with a great positive message! Even though I live in Los Angeles now and have adapted to more of an indie vibe, I still love listening to the reggae I grew up with.”

Inanna and her dad, Mirza Sarkis


While it’s easy to be nostalgic about what we listened to as kids, finding music that everyone actually wants to listen to can be a challenge. In honor of Father’s Day, Spotify partnered with Sonos, the home sound system that fills your whole home with music, to help music lovers across generations build the perfect Father’s Day playlist and bridge that gap. On fathersday.sonos.com, you can enter your favorite band and your dad’s favorite band. Then, Spotify will do the rest.

When athlete and social influencer Johannes Bartl used the Sonos & Spotify generator, the songs on his playlist that stood out to him the most weren’t his favorite tracks, but his father’s.

“I picked Sido as my favorite artist, and Elvis Presley for my dad Ernst,” he says. “I loved that ‘Jailhouse Rock’ was included on there, because it was probably the first Elvis song I ever heard.”

Young Johannes and his dad, Ernst Bartl


Better yet, Spotify’s partnership with Sonos makes it easy to give the gift of music—a Sonos speaker—this Father’s Day. Create your Musical Connection playlist to get access to 15% off Sonos products. Then, the two of you can enjoy that ultimate sound system while listening to your playlist out loud—and together.

“A lot of Spotify listening is personal, on headphones, with your own playlists,” says Ari Greenberg, Global Partner Marketing Lead at Spotify. “There’s something very powerful that happens when you’re listening in your home with people of multiple generations. Music has the power to bring people together.”

The playlist generator will hopefully inspire you to share the music you love with the people you love. And if you’re looking to fill out that playlist even further with other great “kid-tasted, dad-approved” songs, check out this collection of songs that Spotify listeners have added most to their “Father’s Day-” and “dad”-themed playlists.

If Dad gave you a love of music, now you can give it back to him.

Happy Father’s Day!