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Catch Justin Bieber performing a never-before-heard version of his hit song, “Lonely.”

No event is complete without an encore. Please welcome… Justin Bieber!

Longtime friends President Barack Obama & Bruce Springsteen announce new podcast from Higher Ground.

“The future of audio belongs to all of you with a song to sing or a story to tell.” – Daniel Ek

Check out some of the tools we’re enabling to help creators reach fans around the world.

We believe there could be more than one billion potential Spotify users in these markets.

“Music has always been the defining thing you take away most from cultures.” – Burna Boy

93 + 85 = 178 markets

Here’s how we’re powering the “future formats” of audio.

A limited beta in the U.S. via Anchor will allow creators to publish paid podcast content.

We’re entering a new era for podcast advertising. Learn more.

Today we’re announcing the Spotify Audience Network, an audio advertising marketplace.

This year we’ll begin to expand Streaming Ad Insertion to leading Anchor creators.

By 2025, we believe the music industry will surpass its 1999 peak.

Cautious Clay notes that streaming allows him to have an income that isn’t reliant on playing shows.

In 2021, we’re making Spotify for Artists available in 25 new languages.

We’re making Discovery Mode accessible to labels of all sizes by requiring zero upfront budget.

Discovery Mode has helped participating labels grow streams 30%—meaning higher royalties for artists

This summer, we will expand Marquee to the UK, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand.

In 2021, we’ll launch a self-serve Marquee buying experience in Spotify for Artists.

“Listeners who see a Marquee are twice as likely to save the music.” – Charlie Hellman

Using a Canvas gave Halsey a way to share a digital sketchbook with her fans for her album “Manic.”

Starting today, Canvas is available to all artists through Spotify for Artists.

More than one million artists and their teams are using Spotify for Artists every month.

We’re making it easier to find podcast content through new features like Podcast Topic Search.

Spotify can predict what kinds of podcasts a listener might enjoy based on their taste in music.

We’re building and scaling what we believe will be the world’s best podcast discovery experience.

In 2021, we’ll release new Daily Mixes that update every day based on genres & decades you love.

Each day, 50k+ hours of content gets uploaded to Spotify. It would take 5 years to listen all of it.

We’ll soon give more Anchor users early access to new interactivity features like Polls and Q&As.

In the coming months Anchor will enable more creators to add video to their podcasts.

Our new partnership with WordPress enables Anchor creators to turn written content into podcasts.

Anchor accounted for 80% of the new shows on Spotify in ’20—that’s over 1 million podcasts.

We’re proud to partner with iconic creators Anthony & Joe Russo of AGBO on a multi-year deal.

David S. Goyer & Jim Lee discuss how audio will bring a new dimension to the DC universe.

Sound Up will expand from 6 to 14 countries, supporting 140+ more creators this year alone.

Iconic filmmaker Ava DuVernay has a new podcast focused on social change coming to Spotify.

“Tell Them, I Am” is the latest series from our partnership with Higher Ground.

A new season of “Motherhacker” starring Carrie Coon will be back in 2021.

We’re taking The Ringer global with a slate of programming for markets across the world.

Our monthly consumption of podcasts on the platform has increased 1500% in just three years.

This year, Soundtrap launched the Capture app, enabling songwriters to record ideas on-the-go.

Hear your favorite songs the way the artist intended it to be heard with Spotify HiFi.

Billie Eilish & FINNEAS: “The way the listener experiences our music is what’s most important.”

In 2020 we added songwriter & producer credits to Spotify & unveiled a dedicated Songwriters Hub.

We’ve been testing Spotify Clips, which will allow artists to share intimate moments with fans.

BLACKPINK explains how Spotify’s Enhanced Albums let them take their album to the next level.

Lous and the Yakuza, Karol G, Joji, The Kid LAROI, & Rina Sawayama speak to the impact of RADAR.

In the 1st year of our emerging artist program RADAR, we elevated 175 artists from around the world.

16 billion times a month, we’re helping fans discover artists they’ve never heard before.

“Any artist can release that one song that changes their life forever, on Spotify.” – Khalid

On Spotify, artists recieve more than 80% of streams from outside their home country.

J Balvin shares his Spotify story. “I had the dream.”

93 + x = ?

“Today, Spotify is available on more than 2,000 difference devices.” – Daniel Ek

“More creators are creating—and succeeding—than ever before.” – Daniel Ek

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For Spotify, audio is our past, present—and future. Our mission when we set out in 2008 remains the same today: to connect creators with fans and empower creators to live off of their art.

During Stream On, we’ll explore the power of audio, the journey of creation, and the opportunities ahead for millions of creators and billions of fans around the world. You’ll hear from a number of speakers, from global artists to Spotifiers to world-renowned storytellers.

Join the livestream on Monday, February 22, at 11 a.m. EST, and stay tuned below for additional information and multimedia materials as they post throughout the event.