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Spotify’s New Home Feeds Make Discovering Your New Favorites Easy

Spotify’s Home is a go-to spot to find new recommendations and revisit recent favorites. And with an upcoming update to Home, users will get a gateway to great content they will love—from tried-and-true playlists to new artists and thought-provoking podcasts. 

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This week, we are launching a new Home experience that includes feeds for both Music and Podcasts & Shows. The feature is currently rolling out to Android users and will soon be available on iOS. By creating these feeds, Spotify will help listeners to easily scroll through the type of content they’re looking for at that moment. The updated interface will make the experience more personalized while allowing users to dig even deeper into their recommendations.

In the Music feed, listeners will have quick access to suggestions based on their music taste, making discovering new favorites easier than ever. There will also be album and playlist recommendations as well as buttons that make it easy to share, like, and instantly play music.

In the Podcast & Shows feed, listeners will be able to head straight to new episodes of their favorite shows. They’ll also find personalized podcast recommendations. What’s more, listeners will be able to read episode descriptions, save to Your Episodes or start playing podcasts without leaving the page, so the experience all starts from one place.

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The Home refresh is currently rolling out to users on Android mobile devices. iOS users can stay tuned for updates coming in the near future.