CEO Daniel Ek and CFO Paul Vogel Drop in on the Latest Episode of ‘Spotify: For the Record’ to Discuss Q1 Performance

The first few months of 2021 proved to be busy at Spotify. We held our virtual event Stream On, launched in 86 new markets around the world, and acquired the live audio app Locker Room. So in the most recent episode of Spotify: For the Record, Head of Global Communications Dustee Jenkins, CEO Daniel Ek, and CFO Paul Vogel sat down to reflect on Spotify’s relentless pace of innovation in audio by diving into our quarterly earnings report.

The trio covers an explosion of growth in Latin America, top genres in Pakistan, and why they’re excited about the opportunity of live audio. The episode also canvasses the big cultural moments from the past few months, including Olivia Rodrigo’s runaway hit “Driver’s License,” the number of user-created vaccine playlists, and notable new podcasts, from Caso 63 to Renegades.

Plus, for the first time, Daniel reveals the name of the reimagined Locker Room app. 

Stream “2021 Q1 Earnings: Highlighting New Markets & New Acquisitionsnow.