Get a Glimpse Into the Festival di Sanremo With Spotify’s First Italian Original Podcast, ‘The Jackal: tutto Sanremo ma dura meno’

Every year, the eyes and ears of Italy turn to the coasts of Liguria for the Festival di Sanremo, a competition where artists premiere never-before-heard songs in Italian. Now, Spotify is bringing the sounds of Sanremo to listeners around the globe through Spotify’s first Italian Original podcast: The Jackal: tutto Sanremo ma dura meno. Hosted by The Jackal, a renowned Italian comedy collective, the show is a lighthearted look at the festival’s history all the way up to this year’s event, which concludes on March 6.

The festival, which first started in 1951, consists of two categories: one for well-known singers and one for young newcomers. Competition rules dictate that the song must have never been performed in public before, and it must be an original tune. Festival di Sanremo is where many Italian artists make their debuts (like award-winning singer-songwriter Laura Pausini), and there are often international stars who make guest appearances during the event. The winners of the competition are determined by voting from a jury and by guests watching the televised event and voting from home.

The first four episodes of the 10-part podcast are dedicated to the comedy group’s favorite moments of past competitions, highlighting funny and heartwarming stories that made the beloved festival what it is today. After walking down memory lane, the hosts give a play-by-play of this year’s event, peppering their retelling with The Jackal’s signature wit and sharp humor.

Whether you’re interested in experiencing a cherished Italian tradition or you’re a longtime follower of The Jackal, check out The Jackal: tutto Sanremo ma dura meno, available now exclusively on Spotify.