Rickey & Denzel, Lele Pons, and Addison Rae Take the Mic with New Exclusive Podcasts

You know them, you love them, you can’t get enough of them—some personalities just have a way of bringing you in. Take, for example, Addison Rae, Lele Pons, Rickey Thompson, and Denzel Dion, four influencers and content creators who’ve entertained tens of millions of fans with each of their video series. Recently, they’ve also tried their hands at a new medium: Podcasts.  

Addison took to the mic with her mom to give advice in a new show, Mama Knows Best. Lele created an anonymous dial-in show, Best Kept Secrets, where fans can share their hidden thoughts. Today, we released Rickey & Denzel’s pop culture podcast, We Said What We Said, which discusses everything that matters from partying to pop culture and fame to friendships. Now, you can find all four iconic personalities exclusively on Spotify.

Each show is fun, captivating, and unique—but we’ll let them tell it.

What is your podcast about? Why did you decide to make it?     

Lele: My podcast, Best Kept Secrets, is based around anonymous people calling me and spilling their deepest secrets that they can’t tell anyone in their life. I haven’t seen anyone engage with strangers so I wanted to create a new type of podcast. 

Addison: Mama Knows Best is about current topics we all can relate to regarding growing up from the perspective of my me and my mom—two people from completely different generations.  

Rickey: Our podcast is basically just two best friends being upfront and telling you how it is. We decided to make this podcast because everyone needs that one friend who’s always honest with you.

Denzel: Our podcast is basically two friends having brutally honest conversations that we all have in private, but in our case, we make it public.

How is creating and recording a podcast different from the video series you’ve done?

Lele: It’s very different! When it comes to creating videos, I know exactly what is going to happen every step of the way, but with the podcast, it’s all a surprise. I know very little about the callers before I talk to them on the phone, so it’s all very raw and natural reactions. 

Addison: My podcast is a lot more personal and gives me a chance to speak my mind without feeling restricted by time.

Rickey: I feel like it’s way more raw and real. When I sit down to record, I become more open than when making a video. With a video I am putting on a show, but when I am recording, I am just having a real and normal conversation.

Denzel: Creating and recording a podcast is totally different from any videos we’ve done, because this is just audio. We just sit down and really get our thoughts together and say what we feel. Video has a lot more going on as far as comedic beats and theatrics.

What has surprised you most in bringing this show to life?

Lele: I’m surprised how the callers are so comfortable sharing their secrets with me. The energy and reactions that people have after spilling their secrets is so incredible and fulfilling for both myself and the caller. They feel a weight has been lifted off their shoulders and I’m glad that I created an environment for them to do so.

Addison: Highlighting the crazy similarities and differences I have with my mom through facts and stories I’ve never heard before.

Rickey: How easy it is to do! I was nervous at first because I didn’t know if I had anything to talk about, but the truth is I could talk on this podcast for hours and not even realize!

Denzel: The authenticity and rawness that we showcase and can say. The freedom of expression is immaculate. 

What will your fans and followers find most surprising about your new podcast?

Lele: This is me. This is the Lele I get to be with my friends and family. 

Addison: Fans get a window into my life from before social media and I get a chance to open up about things that people may not know about me. 

Rickey: How honest I’m being! I share a lot of stories I have never shared before! So I’m excited for my fans to see more of me.

Denzel: Our fans and followers would find what we do off-screen surprising. There’s some things we don’t showcase on our platforms that we definitely bring to light in this podcast.

What podcasting tools are you most excited to use in your show?

Lele: I love that we get to incorporate audience dial-ins. It’s different and not a lot of podcasts do it!

Rickey: I think definitely dialing in the audience for some questions. That will be so much fun!

Denzel: The tool that I’m most excited to use in our show is for sure the hotline. We love giving advice and we’ve always wanted to bring that aspect to life.

Why did you decide to bring your podcast to Spotify?

Lele: Spotify has always supported me and my music career. When we were looking for a home for the podcast, it was a no-brainer to go with Spotify. My whole team at Spotify Podcasts have been incredible during the whole process of creating the show. I couldn’t imagine partnering with anyone else. 

Addison: Listening to music on Spotify exposed me to the incredible community and global reach, which is why I thought it would be a perfect home for Mama Knows Best.

Rickey: Spotify was the only place that really saw and understood the vision of the podcast! I’m so happy we decided to join the family! They have been nothing but amazing!

Denzel: We decided to bring our podcast to Spotify because it’s what made sense to us. We love this platform and the different outlets on it from music, to podcast, the playlists they curate – it’s everything! 

If you could have any person from all time as a guest on your show, who would it be and why?

Lele: Enrique Igelsias! I love him and would love to know what his secret is. 

Denzel: If we could have any person from all time as a guest on our show it would be Rihanna—just because I want to get into why she chose to keep music on the back burner. Will she ever release music? If so, when will it be? How is it running all these businesses with millions of fans demanding music?

Rickey: I would want Beyoncé! I know yes, that is definitely a reach, but I love that woman and I would love for her to be on the show! Everyone would FREAK!

Stream Mama Knows Best, Best Kept Secrets, and We Said What We Said now, only on Spotify.