Spotify: Mic Check Podcast

Rasha Nahas' Tale of Two Cities

The soundtrack to Berlin-based Palestinian singer and songwriter Rasha Nahas life is driven by a mix of Arabic music and western rock. In 2020, Rasha was selected to take place in SAWTIK, Spotify’s first initiative to empower Arab women in music. A year into the program, Rasha discusses her roots as a musician and overcoming life’s obstacles.



Listen Up! Inside The Passion and Power Driving Spotify’s Fastest Growing Genre

2021 was a huge year for Latin music on Spotify. One in five of our top 50 artists were Latin, with Bad Bunny at number 1 again! From reggaetón to rock, R&B to bachata, the sounds of Latin music are evolving thanks to a new generation of artists. Our guests serve up insights into the growth of Latin music on our platform and where it’s headed next.


Spotify: For the Record Podcast

2021: That’s a Wrap!

Delivering the most-streamed artists, podcasts and listening habits of millions of users is a massive project that intersects creativity and tech. We’re lifting the lid to show you how it’s done, with a cast of Spotifiers who worked tirelessly to make your 2021 Wrapped results come to life. Plus we’ll hear from Latin superstar Bad Bunny as well as Nathan Evans, the Scottish postman who had us all singing sea shanties this year.

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